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Mariner Central Board Guidelines

The guidelines for this message board are simple.

Be Nice. Respect Others.

Hopefully there won't need to be a long list of rules. We will add clarification as needed. If something is unclear to you, contact one of the moderators or admins.

Here are a few items to give you an idea what is expected.

Bad language is not allowed. There is a no tolerance policy on language. That includes using methods to avoid the language filter or sneak bad words into your posts. Bad language or attempts to post words that substitute for bad language will cause your post to be deleted. We don't edit posts. After the post is deleted you may repost your thoughts without the language. We welcome you. We don't welcome the language.

There is a no tolerance policy on meanness. You're welcome to disagree with another poster. You're welcome to have a healthy discussion on-topic. If the discussion gets personal or mean, a moderator may warn you or delete the post or both. It's up to the moderation team to determine what is over the limit. The best rule is to remember you are in a public place, having a public discussion, where people of all ages and cultures are reading. Be nice. Respect others.

The moderators and admins of the board are open to discussing their interventions on language and behavior. They may even initiate such a discussion with you if your actions warrant it.

Posters who are repeat offenders may be suspended without further warning.

Stay on topic. We have many forums in several categories. Please make sure you begin your topics in the right forum. Topics started in an inappropriate forum will be moved. Multiple topics on the same subject may be combined. Posts that lead a discussion off topic may be removed. Simply, put your topic in the right forum. Stay on topic.

No nonsense or trolling Nonsense posts, irrational posts, and trolling, including posts designed to be annoying and needlessly argumentative will not be allowed. It is solely the judgment of the moderators as to what posts meet these standards. A member that continues to make these types of posts will have all their posts moderated; they will not appear until a moderator approves the post. That will continue until the moderators see that the member is adhering to the board guidelines.

This is a private site. Membership and participation is at the discretion of the moderators. The site may be off-line from time to time and there is no promise or guarantee of access. The owner and moderators of the site, at their sole discretion, may restrict access to individuals, to members as a group, or to the public.

Have fun. Enjoy the board. Enjoy the community. We welcome your participation.

This site is not affiliated with Major League Baseball (MLB), the Baseball Club of Seattle, the Seattle Mariners, or any other organization related to any of them. We're lucky our mothers still claim us.

The opinions expressed on this site are those of the individual posters, not Mariner Central or anyone who administers, moderates, or contributes their time to making it such a great site.