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Bull Shift

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Sandy - Raleigh

Sandy - Raleigh
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Went to a Durham Bulls game Saturday night ... and saw something I had never witnessed.

Here are the two lineups, designated only by by hitter type: L-R-S (left-right-switch)

S - L
R - L
S - L
R - L
R - L
R - L
R - L
S - L
R - R

The first column was the Indi lineup. Not a single pure lefty in the mix, but a trio of switch hitters. The Bulls were starting a Righty ... so not a stellar lineup in terms of gaining the hitters edge ... but a 6/3 mix between R/L isn't uncommon.

The right column was the Bulls' starting lineup. Eight consecutive lefties in the lineup, (which I've never witnessed in all my years). The clincher of "say what?!?" The opposing pitcher was a lefty!!

The Bulls lost 2-0. They managed 6 hits against the southpaw, (but didn't draw a walk against him).

The starter was pulled after 7 innings, so the Bulls got to see a RHP in the 8th! First batter up was the 9th hitter, (the sole righty in the Bulls lineup). No, they didn't pinch-hit for him.

After a 1-2-3 eighth, Indi ran a lefty out in the 9th to close. (Again ... no pinch-hitters).

In fairness, the Bulls have only 4 right hand hitters on their entire roster, (two of them are catchers and one was the lone righty in the lineup on Sat. night).

Of note, Matt Mangini was playing. He went 1 for 4, but made a couple of nice snags at third.

Jeff Clement is on the Indi Indians roster ... but just happened to get the night off, (from looking at his stat page, he's hitting well, but missed playing 7 days, so I'm guessing he had a minor injury).


But seriously ... against a lefty pitcher, you put 8 lefties into your starting lineup?!?
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The purpose of government is to set the minimum standard of behavior for a society, backed up with the power and authority to police and punish those who fail to meet those minimum standards. The purpose of Religion is to encourage people to exceed those standards voluntarily.

Age 25 - RH - (2B/UT) - (as of 8/19/2014)
Stefen Romero - mnrs - 1547-PA; 85-2B; 60-HR; 271-RBI; 36-SB; 21-CS; 96-BB; 250-K; .311/.361/.523 -- .884
MAJORS - 180-PA; 6-2B; 2-3B; 3-HR; 11-RBI; 0-SB; 3-CS; 4-BB; 46-K; .196/.236/.310 -- .545

Age 23 - LH - (LF) - (as of 8/19/2014)
Dario Pizzano - 2014 - 451-PA; 30-2B; 11-HR; 71-RBI; 1-SB; 1-CS; 64-BB; 49-K; .245/.357/.445 -- .802 (A+/AA)
Dario Pizzano - mnrs - 1232-PA; 88-2B; 23-HR; 170-RBI; 12-SB; 5-CS; 155-BB; 134-K; .296/.389/.469 -- .858

Age 23 - RH - (CF) - (as of 8/19/2014)
Jabari Henry - 2014 - 473-PA; 24-2B; 28-HR; 92-RBI; 6-SB; 8-CS; 63-BB; 99-K; .294/.400/.585 -- .986 (A+)
Jabari Henry - mnrs - 1156-PA; 62-2B; 47-HR; 191-RBI; 20-SB; 17-CS; 155-BB; 219-K; .276/.381/.508 -- .888

Age 24 - RH - (OF) - (as of 8/19/2014)
Jabari Blash - 2014 - 299-PA; 14-2B; 0-3B; 17-HR; 57-RBI; 6-SB; 2-CS; 39-BB; 81-K; .228/.351/.492 -- .843 (AA/AAA)
Jabari Blash - mnrs - 1740-PA; 80-2B; 13-3B; 76-HR; 257-RBI; 50-SB; 24-CS; 238-BB; 480-K; .254/.371/.484 -- .855


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Great find!
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Juan Diaz (YET ANOTHER switch hitting middle infielder) (traded)

Seon Gi Kim (Still waiting for him to come around... )

Brandon Haveman (Loveable depth) (released)

Tyler Blandford (What are the possibilities of a refund at this point?)

So... I got this site where I write at... SodoMojo. If you care to visit.

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