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04/26 Mariner's Minor League Report

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Wow, what a baseball filled day! First it was the M's with my coffee and Corn Flakes, and then High Desert's twin-bill. Clinton came on at 4pm, Jackson at 6pm, and Tacoma at 8pm.


Tacoma... Jackson got a big three start with big three type of result. High Desert split a doubleheader with San Jose. Clinton broke out the big sticks to put down those loony Loons.

Tacoma: 9-12
Jackson: 15-7
High Desert: 13-8
Clinton: 8-13

System: 45-40

Pitcher of the Day: Anthony Fernandez
Player of the Day: Jabari Blash

In celebration of the quixotic nature of life in the minor leagues, I give you a band and song that you have never heard of before. Plus, it's time for some jazz fusion sound:

Pseudopod - "Lackadaisical Memory"


This is like a 9 minute song, so read slow. I bet you enjoy it!

Let's Jazz!



Tacoma sent Jarrett Grube out to start in place of the injured Matt Fox. Grube is starting to become a familiar since this is his third year with the organization. He hasn't done anything to stand out from his peers, so would someone please tell me why I know this without looking it up???

Anyway. Grube got the start and pitched like... well, he pitched like Jarrett Grube. Grube went just four and a third innings giving up 4 runs on 11 hits, walked 1 and struckout 5.

Sean Henn relieved Grube in the fifth with two runners on base and one out. Henn, who I have maligned in the past, did his job well as he got the Rainiers out of the fifth holding a 6-4 lead. Henn went on to throw two and a third innings giving up nothing on 1 hit, walked 1, struckout 2, and plunked an "undocumented" alien (har har). For Henn's good work he was awarded the "W".

Shawn Kelley relieved Henn in the seventh with one runner on and two outs. Kelley, like Henn, got the Rainiers out of the seventh inning with no damage. Kelley went on to throw two and a third innings of high-quality relief giving up nothing on 1 hit, walked 1, and struckout 3 to pick up a long save.

Weird night for the Rainiers. The 1-5 hitters did ok, and the 6-9 dominated. The Rainier offense collected 11 hits and 6 walks to score their 6 runs. They were 4 for 12 with runners in scoring position and stranded India (9).

SS Carlos Triunfel in the two-hole went 0/4 with a run scored and a walk.

1B Mike Carp in the three-hole went 1/5 with a run scored.

3B Vinnie Catricala in the four-hole went 1/3 with a run scored and 2 walks.

DH Luis Jimenez in the five-hole went 0/3 with a ribbie and 2 walks.

C Guillermon Quiroz in the six-hole went 2/5 with a run scored and a ribbie

RF Chih-Hsien Chiang in the seven-hole went 2/4 with a run scored and a ribbie.

LF Scott Savastano in the eight-hole went 2/3 with a run scored and a walk.

2B Leury Bonilla in the nine-hole went 2/4 with a triple and 3 big ribbies.



Ok, I've got the "big three" die in my hand and I cast it. The name that rolls to the top is... James Paxton. Sorry Tennessee...

Yep, James Paxton started for the generals today and thankfully brought his "A" game. Paxton was very nearly untouchable in his six innings of work giving up 1 freakin' unearned run on 3 hits, walked 2 and struckout China (9).

Steven Hensley took over in the seventh inning and threw three stout innings of relief giving up 1 run on on 2 hits (HR), walked no one, and struckout 4 for the long save.

The General offense collected 9 hits and 2 walks to plate their 7 runs. They were 3 for 9 with runners in scoring position and stranded 5.

LF Joseph Dunigan in the three-hole went 2/4 with a double and 2 runs scored.

1B Rich Poythress in the four-hole went 1/4 with a run scored and a ribbie.

CF Denny Almonte in the five-hole went ape-shit today. Or, should I say gorilla-shit? I mean, wearing a 400lb gorilla suit is much more impressive than a 60lb ape suit. Right? Anyway, Almonte strapped it on and bludgeoned the ball to the tune of 3/3 with 2 homeruns, 3 runs scored, 3 ribbies, and a walk.

DH Johermyn Chavez in the six-hole went 1/4 with a double and 3 ribbies.

RF Kalian Sams in the eight-hole went 1/4 with a double.



Because of the rainout last night the High Desert Mavericks and the San Jose Giants played a doubleheader today. In game one the Mav's sent Roenis Elias to the mound. Elias had been pitching very well so far in the California League. Today's effort in the early game wasn't exactly what I would call bad, but it definately wasn't his best outting of the year. Elias went five innings giving up 3 runs on 5 hits (HR), walked 3, struckout 6, and uncorked a wild one for the loss.

Angel Raga took over in the sixth and pitched yet another clean inning. Angel gave up nothing on nothing, walked no one, and struckout 2.

I think that it might be a good idea to keep an eye on Angel Raga...

The Maverick offense in game one collected 2 hits and 1 stinkin' walk to score thier bupkiss runs. They were 0 for 3 with runners in scoring position and stranded 2.

2B Stefen Romero in the three-hole went 1/3 with a double.

Nothing else to see here, Citizen. Move along.



Anthony Fernandez started for the Mavericks in game two of the doubleheader, and much like Elias, Fernandez has been pitching very well so far. Unlike Elias, Fernandez faired much better. Fernandez worked seven innings giving up nothing on 2 hits, walked 1, and struckout 7 for the complete-game shutout. Sweet!

The Maverick offense collected 10 hits and 1 walk to score their 6 runs. They were 1 for 4 with runners in scoring position and stranded 3. How do you score 6 runs while going just 1/4 with runners in scoring postion? Simple. You hit a couple where no one can catch the ball unless they bought a ticket to the game.

2B Stefen Romero continues to hit well in the Cal League as he went 2/4 in the two-hole with ...nothing.

3B Steven Proscia in the four-hole went 1/3 with a double and a run scored.

C John Hicks in the five-hole had a perfect day as he went 2/2 with a 2-run homerun, 3 runs scored, and a walk.

RF Kevin Rivers in the six-hole went 1/3 with a double, a run scored, and a ribbie.

1B Mario Martinez in the seven-hole went 1/3 with a 2-run homerun.



I watched this game today on MiLBtv and found it to be very enjoyable, and irritating at the same time. The quality of the video was low, but the camera work was pretty decent. The announcers were atrocious though. I have listened to a lot of games in my life, but the two guys doing the commentary for the game were the absolute worst homers that I have ever heard. It wasn't just that they were trying to make their players seem so much better than everyone else, but they were attacking the character of some of the LumberKings. They didn't stop there either. They trash talked about some national media personalities that they didn't like and it went on and freakin' on.

Oh well, I enjoyed watching the game none-the-less.

Ambioris Hidalgo (Man Called Horse), is rapidly taking the George Mieses track as he once again pitched with mixed results. Going five innings, Man Called Horse gave up 3 runs (2 earned) on 5 hits, walked 3, and struckout 3. Thankfully, the offense actually showed up today and allowed Ambioris to put on in the "W" column.

Kyle Hunter entered the game in the sixth and worked three innings of solid relief. Hunter gave up nothing on 3 hits, walked no one, and struckout 2.

The LumberKing offense collected 16 hits, 1 walk, and a Steven Baron plunking to score their 8 runs. They were a solid 5 for 13 with runners in scoring position and stranded India (9).

Everyone in the lineup got a hit today, so it was a great team game for the LumberKings. It. Is. About. Time.

CF Jamal Austin in the leadoff spot went 1/5 wtih a run scored.

C Steven Baron in the two-hole went 1/4 with a run scored and those sore ribs.

1B Jharmidy De Jesus in the three-hole went 2/4 with a run scored, 2 ribbies, and a walk.

Four-holer RF Jabari Blash is not a small man. He is, but definition, big. Today, he was even bigger as he stretched a 500lb gorilla suit over the top of his frame. Beating his chest and bellowing to the skies, Blash had maybe his best day at the plate as a pro. Blase went 2/5 with 2 homeruns, one being of the Grand Salami variety to give the LumberKings a 6-3 lead. Blash scored 2 runs and drove in 5. It. Is. About. Time.

3B Ramon Morla in the five-hole went 3/5 with a double and a triple, scored 2 runs, and committed 2 errors. It was the errors that the Loony ****ing announcers road Morla about. They went on and on about him and what they percieved as his attitude. It was disgusting to say the least.

DH Michael Dowd in the six-hole went 2/5 with a ribbie.

LF Mario Yepez in the seven-hole went 2/5 with...nothing.

SS Anthony Phillips in the eight-hole went 1/5 with a run scored.

2B Dillon Hazlett in the nine-hole went 2/4 with a run scored.


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