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Mariners are two players away

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Looking at the lineup today it struck me that the Ms are just two players away from being a decent offense. A true DH to move Montero to catcher and a real first baseman
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Unfortunately, we're not going to see Olivo moved out of the primary catcher position any time soon.

Oh to dream, though. Picture Olivo being gone. Montero and Jaso splitting the catching duties. Montero DHing when he doesn't catch. Liddi as the DH when Jesus is behind the plate and giving Smoak and Seager time off periodically the rest of the time. Maybe more often than just periodically. Things start to look a lot better that way, huh?

Now, about LF. Imagine Carp gets his swing together and comes back to give us the Carp/Wells platoon in LF that we expected to start the season. Where is Figgins? Who cares.

Wow. Take your two worst vets and replace them with guys we already have and the team is vastly improved. Seems like this isn't such a hard task after all.
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Yes, they are, but I'm not sure which ones will be the ones to make a difference. I'm amazed at how well Liddi is doing. Seager was hot for a while, but has cooled lately. Ackley and Montero are two good bets, but we do need a couple more to come through. With so many players competing for OF spots, we should see some results there when they start coming off the DL.

Olivo and Figgins are certain to lose AB's, but Ichiro is doing well enough to keep his job. Right now the top bats are Liddi, Ichiro, Saunders, Montero, Seager and Ackley. That should be enough for any team. Because it's still early, that list will certainly change, but we shouldn't have any problems getting six good hitters before the season ends. The shortstop is the only position not capable of giving the team a good AB.
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Jesus Montero, trimmed down and ready to go.

Sorry, Ji-Man, but really? Maybe when you get off the restricted list, Montero will have been promoted. 

Carson is doing a fine job, but Logan has been dominant and deserves recognition.



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Smoak better be watching over his shoulder. Liddi played well at first and he hits. Carp will be coming up soon and he can play first, too. Don't get me wrong, I like Smoak a lot. I want him to do well. It's too early to bench him but he does need to pick his offensive production up.
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2 "added" bona-fide superstars in their prime away IMHO (see Griffey, Arod types) legit 35-40 homerun guys.
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