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Mariner's Minor League Weekend Report

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One of the hardest things to do is come up with a catchy opening to an article. I've been sitting here now for upwards of 30 seconds and nothing really witty is coming to me. Perhaps this is my own version of 25 or 6 to 4?



Tacoma: 7-11, 3rd place in PCL Northern Division (out of 4 teams)

Saturday, April 21st: Rainiers 0, Fresno 12
Sunday, April 22nd: Tacoma 3, Fresno 10

"Tacoma Feeling Seattle's Pain"

Tacoma mixed it up yet again with those hated Grizzlies of Fresno, it is looked a Hell of a lot that the Rainiers were having sympathy pains for the Mariners. Whie Seattle was getting a perfecto wrapped around their temples, the Rainiers were 1-hit.

This was an ugly game for TAcoma in every way, shape, and form. The pitching was uber pathetic as meat puppet after meat puppet took the mound and got lit up. I have to write something though about the game, so in order to make it interesting I'm going to do this as a caveman.

Jeff Marquez throw ball. Ball come flying back. Happen many times.

Cesar Jiminez stand on mound in relief. When asked how he spell relief, Jiminez say "I don't know".

Oliver Perez pitch. He throw ball and ball come back and knock off head. Many times.

Josh Kinney end game. He throw bad too. Look like Chuck Brown on mound. He funny guy!

Offense bad. Leave smell, make nose hurt.


"Tacoma Four-Times Better on Sunday!"

Perhaps that headline is a bit misleading. When I say that they were four-times better on Sunday, I mean that they were able to collect 4 hits on Sunday as compared to 1 on Saturday. Ya, this is called cynicism.

You would think that after Saturday's performance that the Rainiers would have been fresh out of meat puppets on Sunday, but that just wasn't the case. On Sunday Mauricio Robles started for the R's and dropped steamer after steamer on the mound such that the opposing pitcher complained.

Sean Henn relieved.... Who cares.

Chance Ruffin threw an inning without giving up any runs, although he did give up 2 hits to make it interesting.

Shawn Kelley pitched the final inning without incident. Yay!

The offense... Four hits... Three runs! But, four hits...


Ok, so after 18 games who is struggling and who is doing well? Does anyone care?

Doing Well:
- Anthony Vasquez
- Chih-Hsien Chiang

Struggling Like Hell:
- Mike Carp
- Vinnie Catricala
- Carlos Triunfel
- Trayvon Robinson
- Mauricio Robles
- Chance Ruffin


Jackson: 11-7, 1st place in Souther League North Division

Saturday, April 21st: Jackson 11, Huntsville 8
Sunday, April 22nd: Jackson 2, Huntsville 3

"DNA Test Cancelled, Paxton Proves He's Human"

Saturday James Paxton had yet another first (I believe). Unless my memory is completely failing me, this was James Paxton's first professional steaming pile, and it was HUUUUGE!!! The numbers defy logic! Just two and a third innings pitched? 7 hits, with one going yard? 7 runs (6 earned)??? 5 walks? Really? FIVE??? 1 strikeout? Wait... One? Arugh???

Jandy Sena took over for the struggling Paxton and pitched fine in relief, as did Yoervis "Funky Cold" Medina. Stephen Pryor pitched two innings in relief and gave up an unearned run. The offense overcame Paxton's suckatude and retook the lead late, making a winner out of the Funky Cold One, and setting Pryor up for his 5th save.

Four homeruns, two by both Denny Almonte and Joseph Dunigan fueled the offense as the kids in Tennessee ripped 15 hits with 8 going for extra bases.


"Taijuan Walker Approaches Human Status"

Taijuan Walker started for the Generals on Sunday and had, for him, mixed results. Sure, he struckout more batters than innings he pitched, but for the firs time this year Walker gave up more than one walk in the game. This time around he gave up three, and the rumors of him being sent down to High Desert have alreay started to fly around the interweb.

For those of you who aren't quite fleet of thought, that was a joke.

The bullpen puked up a run late, but it wasn't Brian Moran who gave up the losing run. In fact, after seven appearances and nine innings pitched Moran has yet to give up a run of any sort. His ERA is a pristine 0.00, but I don't see that lasting for much longer if he keeps getting hit the way he has. Nine innings pitched, nine hits and three walks. Not terrible, but it isn't exactly conducive for running an extreme low ERA. I like that he has refused to be pushed into the weeds in favor of Capps and Pryor. Good on him!

Steven Hensley puked up the run to lose the game, but it's not like he has been sucking all year, so I'm willing to give him a pass for now.

Saturday's slugfest by the Generals morphed into Sunday's slap and tickle contest. Nine hits by the Generals, and just one of them went for extra bases as Joey Dunigan smacked a double.

Doing Well:
- Joseph Dunigan
- Denny Almonte
- Nick Franklin
- Rich Poythress
- Andrew Carraway
- James Paxton
- Danny Hultzen
- Taijuan Walker
- Stephen Pryor
- Carter Capps
- Jandy Sena
- Bobby LaFromboise

Struggling Like Hell:
- Daniel Carroll
- Francisco Martinez
- Johermyn Chavez
- Yoervis Medina


High Desert: 11-6, 1st place California League South Division

Saturday, April 21st: High Desert 1, Inland Empire 3
Sunday, April 22nd: High Desert 4, Inland Empire 3

"Pitching Duel Erupts in the California Desert"

Who knew that such a thing was even possible?

On Saturday the Mavericks sent out Anthony Fernandez for his fourth start of the year. Fernandez worked his longest outting of the year so far and looked pretty good in the process. There was only two problems with his start though. One was that he gave up 3 runs, and the other was that he struckout just 2 batters in seven innings.

Jose Jimenez took over and worked around a couple of hits in his inning of work.

Tyler Burgoon pitched the final frame with no drama.

The high-powered Maverick offense was held to just 8 hits and no walks on Saturday, and in the Cal League, in High Desert no less, that is practically unheard of. Oddly, only one of the hits went for extra bases.


"High Desert Involved Again in Pitching Duel. Cal League Commish: "WTF?""

Chris Sorce took the mound for the Mavericks on Sunday and pitched a whale of a game. Like Fernandez, Sorce went seven innings and gave up 3 runs, but Sorce also struckout 6 and walked no one.

Carson Smith must be on something of a short leash because he recorded just two outs in the eighth inning, and as soon as he walked a batter he was yanked in favor of Jose Jimenez. To his credit, Jimenez kepth Smith's baserunner at bay.

Jonathan Arias pitched the ninth inning around a hit and picked up his first win of the year as the offense broke through with a run in the bottom of the ninth.

There are times when this entire Mavericks team reminds me of Mongo from the movie "Blazing Saddles". I keep wanting to write up their game recaps monosylabicly when the offense goes a little bonkers.

On Sunday the Mav offense was moderately bonkers as they again settled for just eight hits, but this time half of them went for extra bases.

Brad Miller smacked his 5th dinger of the year as did Steven Proscia. Patrick Brady had a great game at the dish and hit his second round-tripper.

Who is...

Doing Well:
- Stefen Romero
- Jack Marder
- Steven Proscia
- Brad Miller (offense)
- Mike McGee
- Julio Morban
- Patrick Brady
- Anthony Fernandez
- Jonathan Arias
- Roenis Elias
- James Gillheeney
- Angel Raga

Struggling Like Hell:
- James Jones
- Mario Martinez
- Brad Miller (defense)
- Mickey Wiswall
- Taylor Stanton
- Carson Smith
- Austin Hudson
- Jandy Sena
- George Mieses
- Willy Kesler


Clinton: 6-11, dead last in the Midwest League Western Division.

Saturday, April 21st: Clinton 8, Lake County 5
Sunday, April 22nd: Clinton 7, Fort Wayne 3

"Hidalgo Horses Around, Bullpen Comes Up Strong"

One of these days Hidalgo is going to figure something out and will either become a solid pitching prospect, or will be on the outside wondering what happened as he picks coffee beans to make ends meet...

Ok, that is a terrible extrapolation of an end result that is borderline racist, but at 1:20 in the morning and an audience of a half a dozen, I really don't care :)

Anyway, Hidalgo, which Latin for "Mixed Results" had a great and ugly pitching line all from the same game! This guy is pure edge of your seat excitement!!! Three hits!!! Yay!!! Three innings!!! Booo!!! Three walks!!!! Booo!!! Five runs!!!....um...Boo? Ok, maybe his pitching line wasn't quite so mixed. Maybe, just maybe, it was a steaming pile in a larval stage...

Anyway, again, Tim Griffin and John Taylor came up stout over the last six innings and picked up the win and the save for their efforts.

The LumberKing offense..... Wait, do they have an offense in Clinton? I was under the impression that they never shipped any bats to Clinton and that they were waiting until the draft to get some offensive minded players in...

Anyway, again and again, the usually punchless LumberKings erupted for eight hits and 3 walks to score their 8 runs. Not only did they get "a lot of hits", but they also broke out some power as.... Wait.... No, I guess there was no power as the only extra base hit came off of the bat of Steven Baron, a double.

So... HOw did they win? Errors. Two crucial Captains errors accounted for 3 of the runs that the LumberKings scored. Ok. this is starting to make sense to me now.

Still though, it is nice to see the top of the order (1-4) smack 7 of the 'Kings 8 hits.


"Clinton Proves Eight Is Enough To Win!"

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that it is a bit weird to start a series against a team on Sunday?

The LumberKings are using numerology to secure wins this weekend. 8 hits on Saturday plated 8 runs, and on Sunday 8 hits lead to 7 runs. Could this be the winning formula for the LumberKings?


Stephen Landazuri started for the 'Kings on Sunday, and although it wasn't a dominating performance by the 20 year old, it was till more than good enough to secure a win. Landazuri worked six and a third innings giving up 3 runs, he walked just 1 and struckout 3. He is now 2-0 on the season and has a sparkling 2.05 ERA.

Kyle Hunter pitched the final two and two-thirds innings, and did so in much the way that I envisioned him to do so. Hunter gave up nothing on 1 hit, walked no one, and struckout 3 for his first save. I want to see a lot more of that from the lefty!

It was a very nice team effort on Sunday by the offense to get the win. Of the 8 hits, 4 went for extra bases. RF Mario Yepez punctuated things with a 7th inning 2-run blast.

I really want to see this group of kids start hitting better, and soon!

No one is actually "Doing Well" on the Lumberkings offense, so let's use a different header...
Doing OK:
- Jamal Austin
- Steven Baron
- Jharmidy De Jesus

Doing Well:
- Stephen Landazuri
- Trevor Miller
- Jordan Shipers
- Brett Shankin
- Tim Griffin

Struggling Like Hell:
- Anthony Phillips
- Guillermo Pimentel
- Ramon Morla
- Jabari Blash
- Jean Acevedo
- Dillon Hazlett
- Michael Dowd
- Wes Alsup
- Joshua Corrales
- John Taylor
- Ambioris Hidalgo
- Cameron Hobson


Piss on the fire and call in the dogs. I'm outta here!

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