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2012 Tacoma Rainiers Roster

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Not too long ago I thought that the lineup at Tacoma would be pretty formidable. G_Money and I talked about it and we were both excited about when the Rainiers would come to Colorado Springs. Well, I'm still excited, but not quite as much as I was. Let me explain...

Let's Rock!


- Matt Fox, RHP
- Charlie Furbush, LHP
- Sean Henn, LHP
- Cesar Jimenez, LHP
- Shawn Kelley, RHP
- Josh Kinney, RHP
- Jeff Marquez, RHP
- Oliver Perez, LHP
- Mauricio Robles, LHP
- Chance Ruffin, RHP
- Forrest Snow, RHP
- Anthony Vasquez, LHP

As I look at the pitching staff I find myself in the uncomfortable postion of reading a name and thinking "who?" I have been following the minor leagues for quite some time and I know each and eveyone of them to some degree.

Matt Fox? Who? Sean Henn? Who? Josh Kinney? Who? Jeff Marquez? Who? I know Oliver Perez, but why he is still hanging around is my big question. I don't like this, no sir, I do not like this at all.

Still though, this is a roster review and I guess I have to do my best.

Looking over this group, and after spending some stupid time researching some of these guys that I know very little about, I've worked up this starting rotation:

- Forrest Snow
- Matt Fox
- Oliver Perez
- Anthony Vasquez
- Jeff Marquez

Other than Snow, that is not a thrilling group at all! This so much looks like Forrest Snow and four Luke Frenches to me! Blech!

Snow is, obviously, the guy who is the most interesting in this group. I talked quite a bit with Forrest during ST this year, and the guy is very easy to talk to. He showed a good bit of maturity and confidence in what he can do. He also comes with a reputation as a pretty hard worker, so the stars are aligning themselves a bit for him. If things going right, he might just be with the M's in September.

Matt Fox, who got the ball for the opener last night does have a small about of value and is probably #3 on the list of pitchers to go to Seattle for an emergency start or two. Fox has all of 7.1 innings of MLB experience, so there's no reason to analyze that. In the minors however, Fox has 8 seasons of numbers to crunch. Fox pitched at the AAA level in 2010 and 2011 and for the most part didn't suck (God, I feel like I'm writing for USSM!). In 2010 he pitched at Rochester of the International League for Minnesota, and in 2011 he was again in the International League, but this time he was at Pawtucket, the Boston AAA affiliate. Both years he put together seasons of sub 4 ERA's and borderline decent K/BB ratios.

What more can I say? Matt Fox is a AAAA pitcher who has emergency value to the M's.

Sean Henn on the other hand also has a tiny bit of MLB experience (5 IP) and 8 seasons of minor league experience... Hey, wait! That is almost exactly like Fox! The difference is, Marquez is a couple of years younger, and has bounced around between organizations over the last two years. Looking at the numbers, it looks like he has not pitched a full season since 2010, a year in which he just merely stunk.

****! I hate seeing guys like this on a roster!

Sean Henn... No! I won't do it! I refuse to write another word about guys who really should be looking at a career move, like animal husbandry.

Josh Kinney... Please read above.

We should all remember Anthony Vasquez from last year. Remember what we saw last year? Do you really want me to remind you of what he did last year? Just because the scabs have healed and fallen off does NOT mean that the injury is gone. I don't need to bleed anymore. Do you?

The relievers at Tacoma at least are worthy of a word or two, and there are more of them that are worthy too.

I find it hard to believe that Cesar Jimenez is only 27 years old! Jimenez is entering his 11th season with the Seattle organization. ELEVEN! The interesting thing about Jimenez is that he is a lefty and he can sometimes be effective against lefties. Does Tacoma really need a LOOGY?

Shawn Kelley, as we all know, was sent down a week or so ago from the big camp. Jack Zduriencik stated that the move wasn't because of performance, but because Kelley had an option. To that I say BULLSHIT! Zduriencik also stated that Kelley DID have some stuff that he needed to work on, so it could very easily have been performance related. Who know? Who cares!

Mauricio Robles is an enfuriating pitcher. For three to five innings he has been a world beater. Anything past that and he's a pinata. Robles throws very hard and was G_Money's favorite players for awhile. Now, he is in a bullpen where he belongs, and can very easily show some high value in short order. Come on Mauricio! Do it!

Chance Ruffin came to the M's last year from Detroit in the Doogie Fister trade. Ruffin is an interesting prospect who could one day slip into a late inning role. Ruffin was drafted in the 48th round of the 2010 draft and didn't throw a pitch in a professional manner until last year. Chance has just one thing standing between him and a good MLB career, and that is consistancy. Since Ruffin is just 23 I don't see any reason why he can't clean things up and make an impact at the MLB level.

- Brandon Bantz
- Guillermo Quiroz

Well, isn't that a nice duo of warm bodies? I mean, I'm sure that both of these guys are nice and all, but if either of them were to be traded, or demoted, or <insert something funny here> it really wouldn't make a big difference in the world. Both are adequate behind the plate, and less than so standing to the side of it. One is old and one isn't. Does it really matter?

- Carlos Triunfel
- Vinnie Catricala
- Luis Jimenez
- Johan Limonta
- Luis Rodriguez

Hey! A position prospect! An honest to God position prospect that can hit! What the hell? How did that happen? It was just a short time ago that people were saying that Vinnie Catricala was "too old for the level", and that "He can't play defense." Idiots...

Wha? You think that *I* was one of the guys who said that he couldn't play defense? Pfft! You must be thinking of another Lonnie...

Hey, I know you! Aren't you Carlos Triunfel and weren't you one of the Mariners hottest prostpects at one time?... At one time. Hey, did your power ever develope? Do you still think that you could hit 20 homeruns in the show? How many homeruns have you hit so far in your lengthy minor league career? 21? Wow, I didn't realize you had hit that many!

Mr. Jimenez, can please tell me why you carry a glove around with you? Doesn't the dust on it give you an inkling of what position you will be manning?

Johan Limonta, do you miss Jackson yet? I mean, you were there for like, ever! How do you like the cold and damp of Tacoma? Do you miss Cuba? Do you want to go back? Please?

Hey Luis, I'm actually glad to see you sticking around. Whereas some/alot of the guys on this roster are dead weight, you actually have value.

- Darren Ford
- Carlos Peguero
- Mike Wilson
- Trayvon Robinson

Ok, I kind of actually like this group as a unit. In fact, it is my favorite of all the players on the Tacoma roster. Darren Ford is a +++++ runner with stupid speed and will cover a ton of area out in CF. His defense is excellent and he.... blah blah blah. Ok, Darren Ford is yet another all defense no hit outfielder in the Mariner system. There are a ton of them, but if Ford can just squeeze a little bit of offense out himself, then his defense may carry him to the major leagues.

Carlos Peguero... Ok, we know him.

Mike Wilson... Him too.

Trayvon Robinson... We know Trayvon, but I think that it interesting to note that Trayvon's throwing motion is rather... girlie. Seriously! Watch how he throws and tell me it doesn't remind you of a girl who wants to be a tomboy but doesn't have the skill set!


Players I'm watching on the Tacoma Rainiers:

- Forrest Snow
- Chucky Furbush
- Chance Ruffin
- Vinnie Catricala

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Peguero is my pick to be the first player promoted. Snow and Robles may be all that survive of the current rotation. The Mariners should not need a starter from Tacoma for quite some time as they have 7 on the MLB team. Furbush and Henn look good from the left side, and with Kelley on the right side there is plenty of help for the Mariner bullpen, and it really looks like they'll need it.

Pressure is on the MLB catchers as Adam Moore is looking very healthy. L-Rod is a decent enough journeyman to fill in if an infielder is needed for the MLB team. Catricala is an excellent talent, but is not ready for prime time. It's the outfield that is the strength of the team, so things may get complicated when Carp and Gutierrez come off the DL.
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Damn Lonnie, little rough but gotta agree. Just about spit out my coffee on the animal husbandry quip. :laughing:

I can't belive they hold onto most of this pitching satff the entire year. Too much talent below them and a jam in the system is not what they need at this point.
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