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2 Out Rally, The Baseball MMORPG

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Dag Gummit

Dag Gummit
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2 Out Rally, as can be guessed from the topic title and description is an online baseball game in which you, the "scout", manage the players and teams you create.

It's really quite a bit of fun for anyone who has ever imagined that they could create the perfect player or assemble the perfect team. Now, you don't get the role of a player and physically play in a game. Instead, your role is as a scout who gets to see the results of games played and how the players you control. Game simulations are run nightly at 12:00 AM CST (-5:00 GMT) and from these, every player's page is updated and you see the changes.

To get a better feel of that, here are some pics of what the primary player pages look like:

First, the Report page which provides the updated results from the players last series played, as well as how much money and EXP he earned and other things.
Posted Image

Next, is your player's Statistics page, which gives you basic and slightly in-depth history on his/ her historical batting, pitching, and fielding statistics.
Posted Image

Third is your players Skills page, the hear of where you build your player. For pitchers and hitters, there are 3 potential Focuses you can choose for your player.
Posted Image
For hitters, we see here that there are Vision, Muscle, and Athleticism (my player, JC, is Athleticism ;)) and pitchers have Control, Movement, and Velocity. The different focuses will have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, JC here is very fast and strong in defensive skills; things necessary for a high-level SS. He, however, has very little flyball power and instead is a prototypical "gap power" type who gets on base and can steal a few bases. The Effective Skill Rating Chart below your distribution table helps provide a better visual of how they all work together; the more highly rated a particular skill you have (always relative to your league), the better you are at that particular skill.

The last preview image I have to show you guys is for the Training page. Here, your player will grow in either his/ her Fitness, Celebrity, or Charity. Reaching certain milestones in these will provide different bonuses.
Posted Image

Now, I know this is a pretty cruddy overview of it all, but I hope it gets anyone on here interested because I believe it really is a fun game that many MC'ers will enjoy. Of course, I have to also admit that a good portion of this was for my own shamelessfull advertising and want to put up my own referral link. Posted Image

To be honest, though, I wouldn't want to deter anyone from the game just because I was compelled to talk about it for my own in-game benefit. If you're a jerk and don't want to give me a little benefit for the piece of crud I just wrote up, but are still interested in the game, here is a direct, non-referral link to the game's main page. In all, I hope others join (preferably by using my referral link Posted Image) and if you do, post up your in-game username here. Maybe we can eventually cobble together an all-MCers team! Posted Image
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My Officially Semi-unofficial Ichiro Career Hit Tracker:


Projected End-of-Year Career Total



Total to Start 2016


Projected End-of-Year Season Total


(as of 2016/08/12)

Hit totals from Ichiro's stat page on ESPN.com

Will try to update weekly... or so... ish... maybe...




Herschel Mack Just call me 'Boog' Powell IV has recently entered the ranks of the Mariners' MiL system as the organizations most likely CF-of-the-future.

Joe Snake Eyes Wieland has been a mid-K, super-low-BB, Groundball machine in the minors and has a ~90 mph FB.  With his potential for masterful zone control, he's looking like the textbook Dipoto-type SP.



Gone, but not forgotten AAPs:
Nick Franklin

Brad Miller

Roenis Elias


Three good prospects who all have the potential to be fixtures on a 25-man roster.  They have all been traded to fill holes on our current roster.  Here's to their success as much my current AAP(s)!




    Nom De Guerre Flipper

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I signed up with the referral link. Waiting for the confirmation email and ill check it out later tonight or tomorrow.
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