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2011 MCKL Rule Change Vote (#2) - PASSED

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For this vote, please either A.) declare your vote in the replies to this thread, or B.) PM your vote to me if you wish to keep your vote anonymous. (In that case, I will record your vote, but will not reveal its effect until the voting is done. You may change your vote at any time up until the vote is declared final, using either of these methods. If anonymous votes are questioned, TheZenador will confirm them privately).

Rule Change Proposal:

Official proposal: that we (summaries followed by 'official language'):

* Change number of keepers from '6' to '4-6'
* ...that the League Rules' subsection 'Keepers' be moved before the 'Draft Order' subsection (for clarity), and its content be replaced with: "Keepers must be selected before the live draft. Your list of 4-6 keepers must be finalized and sent privately to the commissioner (or his representative) before the deadline in order to be confirmed. If a keeper list is not turned in, the commissioner will select the top 6 players by Yahoo O-Rank from that team's available roster to be their 6 keepers."

* Give teams an automatic draft pick for each player less than 6 they keep
* ...that the League Rules' subsection 'Draft Order' be replaced with: "Draft Order will be determined by the final standings of the previous year, with the highest seed drafting at the lowest draft position and the order reversing with each subsequent round. Teams that retain only 5 keepers will be awarded a pick at their usual spot in Round 6 (which is a reversed order round); teams that retain only 4 keepers will also be awarded a pick at their usual spot in Round 5 (which is a normal order round). Selection of non-kept players will begin in Rounds 5 and 6 (for teams with picks in those rounds), and for all teams in Round 7. The official draft order will be posted in this thread after all keeper selections have been finalized, no less than three days prior to the date of the live draft."

* Make draft pick trades illegal
* ...that the line under the League Rules' 'Trades' subsection stating "Trades involving individual draft picks are allowed only in the offseason, and only picks for the upcoming draft are allowed. KingCorran deals with draft pick trading." be replaced with "Draft pick trades of any kind are not permitted."


A.) The current system of trading draft picks is broken, especially for the mid-tier teams.
---> Low-level teams can improve by trading away picks, but usually only moderately.
---> High-level teams can completely sidestep the 6-keeper limit by retaining MUCH more value through pick trades.
---> Mid-level teams don't have coveted picks OR extra elite keepers to trade, and lose ground to the high-level teams.

B.) Draft pick trading cannot be easily or simply fixed, so it should be removed if a better option is available.

C.) Changing to 4-6 keepers allows teams with low-value keepers to automatically upgrade them, specifically by giving them the draft picks where their keepers would have been chosen.
---> More keepers would make the situation worse, so 6 is still the max limit.
---> A 4-keeper minimum enforces some level of manager responsibility.
---> Starting the range at 4 means the worst team would still pick first (in round 5), if it dropped 2 keepers. If the best team dropped 1 keeper, it would pick first in round 6, but all of the round 5 picks would still go before them.
---> These teams will not have to give up their Round 7 picks to improve - they actually get MORE picks without losing anything.
---> Mid-tier teams have an equal opportunity to benefit, not just low-tier teams.
---> High level teams can only improve via player-for-player trades... many good keepers will get dropped into the draft pool.
---> Any team that loses an elite keeper to injury (Strasburg/Wainwright) or sudden decline (Soriano/Carlos Lee) can replace them with a decent player instead of being crippled.
---> It's a fairly simple change... just decide how many keepers you want, and know you'll get good picks for the ones you don't.

D.) The in-season trade deadline will get more interesting, as teams will have to consider trading extra top players for multiple role players.

E.) The system of replacing dropped keepers with extra picks will make offseason planning more interesting, compensating us for the loss of the interesting draft pick trading. No more complication, but just as much fun.

- this causes little extra work for the commissioner - he just assigns fewer keepers to the teams that keep less, and Y! takes care of all of the draft details for him. He is saved the work of having to change the draft pick order (where one mistake is a HUGE mess-up)
- the commissioner will have to accept keeper lists privately, and announce all at once (after the keeper deadline) who kept which players.
- the balance of keepers will greatly improve, as fewer non-keeper-quality players will be kept and more keeper quality players will go to those teams that need them.




13 votes for, 1 vote against (14 votes required for passage by 2/3 majority)
0 anonymous votes, 6 not yet voted (non-votes count as 'no' votes at final tally)

KingCorran - voted FOR
IowaIsNotIdaho - voted FOR
TheZenador - voted FOR
Idahomariner - voted FOR
55panhead - voted FOR
Hotwheelz - voted FOR
Gomez - voted FOR
hdboc - voted FOR
DocMilo - voted FOR
Dag Gummit - voted FOR
phredmojo - voted AGAINST
Bautista - voted FOR
stampi - voted FOR
MarinerPride - voted FOR
R3dH4wk - voted FOR

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Lol. Well, I guess that counts as voting 'for'. =)

Thread is locked, vote has passed. Next year's offseason will look a little more balanced that this year... and I think a little more interesting as well.
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